Eldeen Annette Pet Portraits – Stubs the Lizard!

I had a fun first today – Lizard Portraits – well, Bearded Dragon Portraits to be more precise.  That’s a much cooler title, anyway – bearded DRAGON!  Anyway, his name is Stubs and he’s just beautiful, don’t you think?  I had so much fun coming up with totally unique, high-end ways to offer this beautiful bearded dragon a stunning portrait.  These studio portraits of a bearded dragon were taken as a Christmas gift from a very thoughtful mom to her son, a 14 year-old boy who just adores him, so we needed to capture Stubs in the best way possible.  One great thing about taking pictures of a lizard? They don’t really move much.  At all.  In fact, he was one of the most compliant clients I’ve ever photographed, ha!

Here are a few of the portraits we got of Stubs the Lizard for his awesome owner! I photographed Stubs on a few backdrops with several lighting setups.  We love options.


Pictures of Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon Pictures

Lizard Portraits

Bearded Dragon Portraits

Bearded Dragon Pet


Bearded Dragon Pictures | Portraits of Bearded Dragon Lizard | Professional Pet Photographer Erie Colorado

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