Young Artist Photography Contest – Animal Photography

Does your child have a passion (or even a budding interest) for photography?

In my family, we take every opportunity to encourage our kids – we love to speak words of truth over them, including what incredible, unique qualities they have, and what a promising future is ahead of them. We want our two girls to develop and get excited about their giftings, talents, heart for others, passions, relationships, and unequivocal worth. Our kids are important, and yours are too! To help encourage our kids in their interests, talents, artistry, and business sense, we have decided to host our very first:

Young Artist Photography Contest

Organized just for young, aspiring photographers!

Young Photographer Contest

We will have two competitions over the next few months – one for younger children, and one for slightly older kids, and then if we find that this event was a success, we will continue throughout the year, offering new challenges and focuses for each competition.

For this young photographer competition:
Budding photographers, ages 7 to 12 are invited to take to the wild (or a nature trail or the zoo or their back yard or wherever their favorite animal lives), and photograph an animal in a unique way. These young artists may enter their favorite animal portrait into the competition for a chance to win one of three amazing prizes!

Our first place winner will receive an incredible:




$100 CASH to our first place young photographer

$25 second place 
$15 third place


I know the kids in my community are!

If you are saying…


Our panel of 3 professional photographer judges will determine our winning young artists.
Judges look closely at all aspects of your child’s submission, including elements like:

(Was lighting a consideration or used as an asset?)
Pet Photography Contest
(How do the subject and background relate?  How does the subject fit into the frame?)
(Is the shot purposeful and unique?)
creative photography contest

(Does the photo have anything to say or make you feel happy? Intrigued? Sad?  Any purposeful mood or emotion will help your photo stand out.)
Photography Contest for Kids

 What else?
We can’t wait to see how YOUR 7-12 year old shows their unique talents and creativity through photography.
So grab a camera (any camera will do!  Just use one that will allow your child to think creatively and that will give them the best opportunity for creating a work of art.)

Child Photography Contest

Quick Recap and a few more details:

WHO:  Young Photographers, ages 7-12

WHAT: Animals (or insects)!  Find your favorite zoo animal, pet, or wild life animal to pose for a portrait.

~ Use a unique viewpoint and create a portrait of an animal. Take time on this! Spend a few day experimenting, finding new angles, lighting, and developing creative ideas.
~ Entrance fees for photography contests normally range from $25-$100 depending on the competition and prizes. As this is our first competition, we have decided to make our entrance fee very small and affordable at only $5.  Entrance fees also establish a personal ownership and investment which leads to all sorts of good things! We recommend having your child pay for at least half of their entrance fee so they are fully invested in learning more about photography, and giving this their “all!”
~ Head to our partner website to pay the $5 per image entrance fee and upload your image or images. Proceed through checkout.  You will receive a confirmation email once your submission is received.
~ There is a limit of 3 images each participant can submit – if submitting more than one image, we recommend each image be very different for a better chance at winning. Each image will be reviewed by our judges individually, meaning, one participant could theoretically win all three prizes.
~ Photoshop use is allowed as long as the child is solely responsible for all re-touching (adults can support, but can’t edit the image directly in any way).
~ PARENTS ARE ENCOURAGED to offer advice and support, BUT MAY NOT TAKE THE PHOTO, EDIT THE PHOTO, OR HAVE ANY ‘HANDS ON’ WHATSOEVER.  Remember – we are helping our amazing kids develop their own gift! Give them the tools, location, research ideas, and help them find a subject!  But then let them be free to use their own unique creativity.

WHEN: All submissions are due November 30th, 2016 at 8:00pm MST.

WHY: To encourage and challenge young artists to excel and develop their gifts and interests! And also to win one or more of THREE CASH PRIZES, along with some other fun discounts on prints, all courtesy of Eldeen Annette Portraiture.

These winning images will also be featured on our blog with a short bio about each winning young artist.


Click here to enter your photos!

Child PHotographer Contest

Young Photographer Competition

Please direct all questions about this fun kid photographer contest to Eldeen Annette:

Please share!  Encourage all the littles you know who love photography, animals, creativity, and art to challenge themselves and think outside the box, and hopefully win!



Questions? Contact Eldeen at

Eldeen Annette is a portrait photographer based in Erie, Colorado, specializing in High School Seniors, Professional Head Shots, and Pet Photography. Visit to book a session.

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