Newborn Photographers in Northern Colorado

As a photographers of all individuals 10 years old and up, I like to leave the Newborn Photography to the experts!  A few years ago my studio hosted a Newborn Photography Convention.  We had babies and babies and over 40 photographers learning the art.  I simply housed the event, but got to peek into the conference from time to time. I realized QUICKLY how difficult newborn photography is.  From the props and lights to the outfits, poses, and, well, crying or sleeping babies, photographing newborns is no easy task.  Even details such as the temperature of the room (95 degrees) were important for a beautiful newborn shot. I have only photographed three newborn babies – I think we’ll leave this type of skill to the experts.  Here are a few you can learn more about if you’re in the market for a baby photographer in Northern Colorado. As always, I recommend setting up a personal consultation with photographers to see who’s the perfect fit. We love meeting you in person – hearing more about what you’re looking for and sharing all of the options for your photo shoot.

Briony Hope Photography
Newborn Photographers in Colorado

Colorado Lifestyle Photography with Kristin Christian
Newborn Photographers

Alison Medina Photography
Baby Photographers in Denver Colorado

Jessica Lee Photography
Newborn Photographers Erie Colorado

Eileen Broderick
Colorado Newborn Photographers

Katie Corinne Photography
Baby Photographers in Erie Colorado

Loves Expressions Photography
Baby Photographer

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