Wedding Photographers in Northern Colorado

As many of you know, I am not a Wedding Photographer.  I have photographed a few weddings and found that my strengths involve sessions where I’m one-on-one with someone. That beautiful, busy wedding day requires someone who truly specializes in wedding photography and large event photography.  I learned that I excel and love photographing individuals, ages 10 and up (and pet individuals too, haha!).  I do still get a lot of wedding inquiries, however, and while I’m genuinely honored and that others would trust me enough to take on such a momentous event, I’ve decided to create a list of wedding photographers in Erie Colorado.

If you need a professional headshot, high school senior portraits, or pet portraits, I’m your photographer – it’s what I excel at! But if you’re getting hitched or are on the lookout for beautiful wedding photography, these pros might be just perfect for you.  Check out their work, see if their style is what you’re looking for.  Give them a call, and I strongly recommend scheduling a consultation before hiring – photographers love to meet with you so they can hear more about your event and talk about all the options. My last recommendation about choosing a wedding photographer is to decide what your main priorities are with photography. Is budget the main priority? Quality of images?  Experience?  Speed of delivery? These are examples of questions you can bring to your consultation.

Brook Musial Photography
Modern Colorado Wedding Photographer

Katie Corinne Photography
North Colorado Wedding Photographers

J M Gant Photography

Best Wedding Photographers in Colorado


Jessica Alventosa Photography
Denver Colorado Wedding Photographers

Brooke Marcellino
Fun Wedding Photographers Colorado

Christine Hartlaub Photography
List of Colorado Wedding Photographers


Linda Murri Photography
Wedding Photography in Denver


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