pre-teen photography Colorado

Editorial Tween Photo Shoot

Many of you know that I limit my photography to a select few areas – High School Seniors, Professional Headshots, Animals, and PRE-TEENS!  I love kids this age.  10-12 year-olds have such life and unique value inside them, waiting to be seen, loved, accepted, and validated.  It’s been incredible getting to be a part of developing healthy self-esteem and identity in the kids that have come through my studio.

I am lucky enough to have two tweens of my own right now – Summer (10), and Aria (12). They’re turning into natural models, having been photographed so often, haha!  I don’t even have to tell them how to pose any more.  And you’ll see here that they do a VERY good job of it on their own.  I bought some gowns (which will be available to the kids who book a shoot with me — WRITE OFF!!! — that means the gowns were like, free, right?–), took my girls to the perfect spot, brought a strobe, my sister to assist, and had a just-for-fun photo shoot yesterday.  It was a bit stormy, but I was glad for it – the wind in the hair and cloudy skies added to the whimsical, editorial look I was hoping for!

Thank you for allowing me to share my beautiful daughters with you!  I may be biased, but I think these two should be in a magazine somewhere.



pre-teen photography Colorado

pre-teen photography Colorado

Child Photographer Colorado

pre-teen photography Colorado

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pre-teen photography


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