Professional Headshots in Erie Colorado

With the opening of my brand new dedicated photography studio, doing professional headshots in Erie Colorado has never been more fun for me. I used to work in cramped spaces with low light, an overly hot garage, and even in my family room (much to the dismay of my husband who really just wanted to watch the Broncos game without having to look through a giant 5-foot soft box). When Iron Wood Photo Studio was completed in June of 2017, everything changed.  I can’t believe how much more creativity I have with something as seemingly simple as a corporate headshot.  Photography is a passion of mine, so to be able to have such freedom allows me to push my boundaries in photography, try new styles of studio lighting, and also has gorgeous, ample natural light for times when a softer professional head shot is in order.

My old friend, Adam, whom I’ve knows since I was literally 2 years old came to Colorado for a visit to my studio. He needed a set of professional headshots as a sales rep in the medical field. We were able to get a portrait of him with a bold, white, clean look, and also one that had a rich feel and personality.

Here is one of the professional head shots we got on my flat, white wall.  This white wall was specifically made to have a totally smooth feel, no texture, and of course a flat paint to avoid any sheen or reflection from the lights.


This backdrop is only 20 feet away from Adam, if you can’t believe that.  The way that I set up my lights and camera allow for a beautiful, professionally lit shot, as well as bokek.  (Bokeh is the photography terms for depth of field, or, blurry background).  Having this special set-up allows the professional to be the absolute focus of the image, while still having a crisp, professional light.  Plus, any backdrop can be turned into an impressionistic style work of art behind you! I have so much fun finding new backgrounds for this type of image, but this was literally just one of the walls in my studio!


Of course, we got several different professional pictures with each set-up, and he even brought his family along for a shoot.  But being a photographer for professional headshots is truly a joy for me and brings life.  I love working one-on-one with clients, being able to provide them with variety, and exactly the type of photos they’re hoping for to promote and represent their brand, personality, and business.

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Professional Headshots in Erie, Colorado
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