Young Acting Character Headshots – Denver, CO

Oftentimes, a Denver or Los Angeles agency would like to see headshots that show the specific type of character or characters that a child actor can play.  These type of acting headshots for kids genuinely help a casting director envision what this young actor would look like for the role.  Many actors that come through my studio will invest in multiple looks, so that the appropriate headshot can be submitted for the job.

There are all types of characters that a casting director for film or theater may like to see.  From sweet-as-sugar, to a bit rough-around-the-edges, each character has unique expression and “acting” skills required that we love to showcase in our character headshots.

With this beautiful young actor, we decided on two looks – one of which was a sporty look.  She specializes in sports and athletics and would be a perfect fit for any type of pre-teen role that required athletic abilities.

We started off with a more serious pose to show the depth of character that she is able to play.

Our second look was fun, sweet, and truly sports-oriented.

Character headshots still have a sparkle in the eye, and everything from the backdrop, to the lighting set-up, to how we style hair and make-up come together to create an image that makes you smile, looks a littler longer, and showcase an actor’s ability and professionalism.

Young Acting Character Headshots in Denver, CO  –  Eldeen Annette  –

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