Stand-Up Comedian Headshots Photographer in Denver

Being a Stand-Up Comedian Headshots Photographer in Denver (also working, of course, with totally awesome Denver actors) is one the best best jobs EVER! I have photographed several stand-up comedians and comedic actors in Colorado, and without fault, every time, my cheeks hurt by the end of the session from laughing.  I love getting to know these truly inspirational people, hearing their stories, what motivates them, where they want to be in 10 years, who they draw inspiration from, and what they find funny!

I had the joy of photographing Shanelle Hughes – a stand-up comedian (or should I say, comedienne), from south Denver.  She performs at Comedy Works, and all over the country with her fresh take on comedy.  Her personality is absolutely FULL of shine and life.  Here is a quick introduction to Shanelle!  Follow her to see where she performs and stay in the loop!

My name is Shanelle Hughes. I am a 26 year old Denver comic, improviser, and actress. was theater kid in high school. Always making other laugh throughout my entire life. I went to CSU and immediately starting working full time after. After about a year, I felt my life was missing something. I was thinking of doing standup, but way to nervous so I opted for improve. I googled improv in Denver and the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse appeared. I took all five levels of improv classes there and have been on the improv scene for about three years now. I built my courage up to do standup this year and so far, it has been great love bringing joy into others’ lives through laughter. It is my passion. I love feedback from others, the process of “perfecting” a joke and delivering it. In improv, I love being able to play with my team, build off ideas and bring a story full circle, with nothing but what pops up first in our minds. At the moment, my main focus is on stand up.My improv team, Full Spectrum, performs at the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse every other Saturday at 8pm. Come check us out!My upcoming stand up shows can be found on my social media: INSTAGRAM AND TWITTER: Shanelnumbafive

Shanelle had such fun-to-receive, humbling things to say to me after our headshot session. Is it ok if I share?  I love getting feedback like hers!

“My experience with you was phenomenal. It was my first headshot experience and you made me feel comfortable and welcomed in your home. You have a fun and warm personality which helped me loosen up and have fun! You made me feel confident, like a real super model! I had no concerns going into the shoot. Thank you for explaining everything beforehand perfectly.” ~Shanelle Hughes
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