5 No-Brainer Reasons to Probably Update Your LinkedIn Profile Photo

LinkedIn Headshots matter.  Actually.

5 No-Brainer Reasons to Probably Update Your LinkedIn Profile Photo


This article is going to be simple – there will be no droning on and on like some articles that read more like a textbook than anything else. You haven’t got time for that. But let’s be real – your profile photo on LinkedIn MATTERS. A LOT. Let’s see what these so-called no-brainer reasons are (in no particular order)…

1. Your headshot is missing the “you” part. Your best clients want to interact with a real person, not the idea of a person. Your client wants to work with and refer someone who has laughter, joy, patience, knowledge, expertise, a favorite food, a family and pets… Wouldn’t you? Relationship creates trust!

The BBB says, awesomely, “What is the most important asset in your business? Your product or service? Your building? Your machines and other capital infrastructure? The money in the bank? A big fat nope to all of that. Your most important asset is the relationships you build along the way. Whether those be with customers, suppliers or others in your supply chain, these are more important than bricks and mortar.” (

If your photo doesn’t communicate anything about who you are and what you, as the awesome person that you really are, can bring to the table, the relationship is off to a rocky start – often giving your client the feeling that they are competing or are on a different team than you. Get on the same team as your client – show them a solid piece of your heart in your headshot.

2. Your headshot wasn’t professionally taken. Simply put – what is that saying about you?

I’m not even going to fill in the blanks for you on this point. If you want to be considered a professional, have your photo taken BY a professional. Save the cropped wedding party photos for facebook where others will adore and comment about how actually stunning you looked in that dress (rightfully so!) .

3. Stats are saying so.

LinkedIn itself says: “The best photo for your LinkedIn profile is one that looks like a professional headshot. This means no blurry images or other people in the photo. In fact, profiles with photos receive a 40% higher InMail response rate.”(

Statistics also show that LinkedIn members with a photo receive 21 times more profile views and 9 times more connection requests.

Statistics ALSO show that a viewer will decide within 4 seconds if they can trust you or not.

Statistics EVEN MORE ALSO show that viewers spend most of their time, when viewing your profile, looking at your photo.

4. You are sorely mis-representing your age in your current shot.

To quote P.L. Travers in the movie, Saving Mr. Banks“No one likes a fibber.” Can’t stay 29 forever. And that’s ok! It’s one of the best reasons to get your headshots taken professionally. Dedicated professional headshot photographers (like can use lighting, backdrops, posing, editing, and will coach expression in a way that honors your age and still-stunning good looks.

5. You want to stay relevant.

Refreshing your headshot is a super easy, very effective way to remain current, relevant, fresh, and innovative. Keep giving others a reason to consider you and your business. When you are staying up-to-date, your company will feel the same.

What to do now? Find a pro in your area. Check out their work, read through the testimonials, and see if you connect with their style. Give them a call! See if they have any creative ideas to help you accomplish your goals. Also, what does their headshot say?

Most dedicated headshot photographers who know exactly how to create stunning headshots charge between $300 – $800. This realization can be a bit sticker-shock-y to some. But do you really want a cheap photographer? Uncle Bob with a nice camera will probably do it for cheaper, so there’s that. ; ) Hey – you were looking for more write-offs this year anyway. This is WAY more fun than buying another set of printer ink.

Eldeen Annette Headshots

About the author: Eldeen Annette is the owner and founder of based in Denver, Colorado. She loves laughing, opera music, sport motorcycles, roller coasters, Star Wars art, and has dedicated the past 10 years to becoming a truly impactful headshots photographer. Eldeen loves helping her clients SHINE through their headshot. It’s one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable ways she connects with others.

It would so honor me if you want to share this, say a nice thing about it, like it, whatever you want that’s nice to do! If not, no worries! I hope I helped you smile a bit today and learn more about my world!

Update your professional headshot with Eldeen Annette and get movin’ on updating your look! Like these guys did.

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