Headshot Photographer Erie Colorado

Headshots for Men in Erie Colorado

One of my main priorities as a headshot photographer is to provide powerful, authentic headshots for men.  Being in Erie, Colorado is a great place for Denver headshots.  I love living up here!  I have my own studio space, and only a quick half-hour drive from downtown, Fort Collins, and Boulder, this central locations allows me to photograph clients from all types of fields.  From salesmen to realtors, authors and entrepreneurs, actors and models, Denver is a hot spot for professionals who need a strong, approachable headshot image for the business.

Lighting headshots for men is much different than lighting headshots for women.  To get a powerful, clean, engaging look, I used two lights and a reflector, for crisp focus and a more powerful headshot. This Cisco employee needed a fresh image for LinkedIn.  Keeping your headshot current isn’t only needed so others feel they know you better, it’s necessary to stay relevant.  Keep your headshot modern and current (usually every 1-2 years), and when you have your headshots taken, make sure to get some shots that are more serious, candid, and friendly.  This small variety of professional headshots will go a long way and tell a full story about your personality.

Headshots for Men Erie Colorado


Headshot Photographer in Erie Colorado


Best Headshot Photographer in Denver

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